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The Team Assess Platform is designed as a self service assessment platform. You can easily setup and launch your own survey. As you get ready to launch have your team member names and email addressee ready along with a form of payment.

Click Start Survey. Begin with the Setup page then advance to Team page, Payment page, Survey review page and Launch. On each page make your selections, save at the bottom and continue to the next page. Each page will explain the next step.

If at any time you need help just contact us and we will help you be successful.

Start the Countdown

10 – Identify your role (team leader, team contact or coach to a single team or coach or HR to multiple teams)
09 – Select Team Essentials Survey Options
08 – Enter Team members (names and email addresses required) – each team member will be emailed a unique link and log in from on your behalf.
07 – Name the team(s)
06 – Set the deadline
05 -Customize email communications (add your own subject line and preface)

04 -Schedule reminders and/or a delayed start date (optional)
03 – Pay with a credit card via PayPal or use an issued Coupon ID. (You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.
02 – Preview the Team Assessment and add your own customs questions (if selected).

01 – Review and Launch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am a consultant to a team, what is my role?

Answer: You would select “I am administering the Team Assessment for the team. I am not on the team”? Also, a manager who oversees several teams, but is not on the teams, could select this role.

Question: I am HR and want to invite 10 or more teams at once, how do I do that?

Answer 1: You can invite multiple teams by inviting just the team leaders or team contact persons. They would be emailed a unique link/log in from on your behalf. They would each be able to invite their team members. You would have paid already. You can determine customization options for their team surveys or let them choose.

Answer 2: You can invite all the members of each team. Prepare a list of all team members with the team leader at the beginning of each team and a list of team names. You can import both lists by copying/pasting into a text area. Each member will be emailed a unique link/log in from on your behalf.

Question: How many team members can I invite to take a team survey?

Answer 1: For each team, there is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 25.

Answer 2: You can invite up to 25 team leaders/team contact persons, who each would be sent a setup link to invite their team.

Answer 3: If you invite entire teams, you can invite a total of 250 people across multiple teams.

Question: Who would be the “team contact person”?
Answer: The team leader is usually the team contact person, but it can also be someone who might act on behalf of the team leader, or it might be someone who has oversight of the team but is not on the team.

Question: Why PayPal? I do not have a PayPal account.
Answer: You do not need a PayPal account. You can use any credit card. PayPal merely handles the transaction for us. does not handle any of your credit card information.

Question: What if I setup a team survey and pay for it, but the team does not respond?
Answer 1: You can re-set the deadline and send urgent reminders.

Answer 2: If they still do not respond, you will not be able to create a report; however, your payment can be used toward a future use of the team assess survey system.

Question: Is there another way to pay?
Answer: Yes, in advance of your team setup, you can acquire a Coupon ID from or contact us to make special arrangements.

Question: What happens after I launch my team survey?
Answer 1: Your team members will be emailed a unique link/log in to the team survey from on your behalf. When enough members complete their team survey, you will be notified that the team has met the completion criteria for creating a report. You then can log in, create the report and send it to whom you have designated in the Setup (you, the team leader or both).

Answer 2: During the team survey timeline, you can always log in to see how many have completed their team survey and to send reminders.

Question: How do I generate my report?

Answer: Once enough team members have completed the team assessment, we will notify you by email. At that point you will log in and create and send yourself the Team Assessment Report(s).

Question: Can I put my contact information on the report?

Answer: Yes, certainly, you can customize the report cover with your contact information.





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