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Are you looking for an alternative to the big name and trendy Engagement and Culture Surveys on the market today? Are you looking for a more economical and more applied approach? Our Organizational Essentials Report maybe the perfect solution for your organization.

Here is what we find happens often with the popular and traditional organizational surveys.

Employees take a general survey that looks locally and at the organization as a whole. Leadership gets the results and assigns it to a committee to recommend improvements. This committee develops a plan and presents it back to the Leadership. Leadership announces organizational plans for change and improvement. At this point it is now 3-4 months since participants took the survey. Focus groups are held to reconfirm the data. Leadership throws money at organizational-wide initiatives hoping that they work. Participants look to leadership to take ownership of change efforts – little occurs – employees become disheartened in the process. Last quarter activities take place to demonstrate effort.

Work begins on the following years’ survey.

What makes Organizational Essentials different than the traditional approach is that each team owns their data and is responsible to make improvement efforts. When individuals take the survey, their focus is on their team or area of specific work. Customized, team specific, questions can be added to the assessment. This approach makes that data much more real for the team members compared to thinking from a general organizational mindset. It shifts ownership away from leaders and places in the hands of individual contributors.

Team members receive their data immediately and can instantly start working on greater team performance and higher engagement.

All individual team data is rolled up to present Organizational Essentials Themes for overarching change and support efforts. This data is used to design organizational improvement initiatives while the team performance at the local level has already begun. Data is provided in the following Organizational Essentials Themes.


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