We love to partner and collaborate. Over the years we have worked with many consultants – both internal and external. We have worked with organizations that distribute products. We have worked with start-ups and established firms. We have worked with most of the leading Global Consulting Firms. We have partnered with mid-sized firms and boutique and single practitioner firms. We know that an effective partnership is rooted in a vision and desire to do something great together. We believe that our Team Assess System is something great and that we can help improve team effectiveness across the planet.

Team Development Consultants are usually very good at understanding group dynamics and are exceptional at processing team issues. The Team Essentials Assessment provides a baseline of team performance and topics and actionable items for teams to work on. The Team Essentials Assessment provides Team Development Consultants an intervention road map for improving team performance.

Additionally the Team Essentials Progress Report Package provides consultants a clear measure of the team’s performance improvement. The Progress Report provides proof of the impact of the Team Development intervention that the consultant provides. In essence it demonstrates the ROI of the consultant’s work.

If you have interest in doing something great together, utilizing our Team Essentials Assessment System with your clients, then let’s set up an appointment to discuss our customized partnering opportunities. We offer opportunities for you to utilize the Team Essentials Assessment System within your brand . Let’s work together!


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