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About the Team Essentials Survey

The Team Essentials Complete assessment is composed of the following six core components. The Team Essentials Basic assessment is composed of only Team Output and Team Effectiveness.  Each of the components are described below:

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Team Output

The purpose of a team is to create results – we call this Team Output. This section of the survey examines how the team is getting results. It looks at goal clarity and alignment, team productivity and measurement, work identity, and meaningful work. This Team Essentials component consists of 35 questions.


Team Effectiveness

A basic team assumption is that if team members work well together, team performance will be enhanced. Team Effectiveness measures how people work together. It includes communication, trust, collaboration, innovation, conflict resolution, mutual accountability, commitment, and cohesion. This Team Essentials component consists of 21 questions.



Individual Contribution

To earn team membership, an individual must perform his or her duties to the fullest degree possible. Individual contribution takes into account the skill level, talents, attributes, personal accountability, attitudes, and motivation of the individual. It also considers how the individual lives the organizational values, strives towards achieving the vision, and contributes to the mission of the organization. This Team Essentials component consists of 33 questions.



For teamwork to be efficient, structures, processes, procedures, and guidelines need to be in place. This section includes group norms and guidelines,  coordination, planning and decision making, roles and responsibilities, and documentation. This Team Essentials component consists of 19 questions.


Team Leadership

At the team level, leadership is defined as both the management and the leadership of a team. Typically there is a relationship between effective and efficient team leadership and team performance. Great leadership gets great results and poor leadership gets poor results. This section examines team leadership as relates to direction from leader, leadership approach, and feedback from the leader. This Team Essentials component consists of 20 questions.


Organizational Support

Team performance is dependent upon organizational support. Teams need intra-organizational support, abundant resources, sufficient budgets, dedicated team time, necessary training, functional support, and organizational leadership support. For higher performance, teaming needs to be included in the organizational philosophy (mission, vision, values, and culture). This section examines resources and support, organizational recognition, and inter-team dynamics. This Team Essentials component consists of 15 questions.


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