Team Coaching

If your team needs to improve its overall performance and you need additional help, we offer team coaching and individual coaching services. We provide:

Team Builders – these are 2-hour to 4-hour fun team building events designed to build camaraderie and team bonding.

Team Tune Ups – these are half-day to one-day team workshops aimed improving teamwork.

Team Jump Starts – these are one-to-three day workshops to launch new teams or retooling existing teams that need higher performance.

Team Retreats – these are one to three day workshops that provide an opportunity for a team to vision on future activities, reflect on past success, and plan for next steps.

Ongoing Team Performance Coaching – this is a structured approach for taking teams to the next level of performance. It includes a combination of 1-3 day workshops, regular team performance meetings, team project work, and individual and team coaching. The duration of this Team Performance Coaching ranges from 6 months to a year. Our team coaches are exceptional at helping teams and leaders make a greater difference in all that they do.


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