Do you floss often enough?

Container with dental floss

Many people floss more often before and right after a visit to their dentist and then gradually do it less and less until their next visit – and then they repeat this cycle over and over.

The same can be said for team building. Often teams do some “team building” and it seems very productive for a few weeks after the training and then it is back to normal or worst yet – team members become jaded when change does not occur.

One of the reasons this occurs is that short-term training creates awareness but not necessarily skill development and behavior change.

True improved team performance requires skill development and behavior change. Our Team Performance Coaching process helps team members build the necessary skills to shift behaviors for lasting team performance.

Our structured approach for taking teams to the next level of performance includes the following four phases:

Phase One – Base Line Data Gathering and Performance Improvement Design
We begin by establishing a baseline of the team’s current and past performance. This is accomplished by utilizing the Team Essentials Survey, interviewing team members, examining team performance measures, and utilizing all additional existing team or team related data. We next design a personalized approach for the required team performance improvement.

Phase Two – Offsite & Action Plan Development
An Offsite is held to ignite team cohesion and to align team members around team performance improvements.

Phase Three – Team and Individual Coaching Sessions
Following the offsite is a series of team and individual coaching sessions used to continue skill development and behavior change. In between each of these coaching sessions the individuals and group have performance improvement assignments to complete.

Phase Four – Progress Measure and Plan Continuation
The Team Essentials Survey is again taken by team members and a comparison progress report is created to measure gains in team performance. An action plan is developed to continue to take team performance to the next level.

The duration of our Team Performance Coaching ranges from 6 months to a year. Our team coaches are exceptional at helping teams and leaders make a greater difference in all that they do.

We’re ready to take your team to the next level, are you?


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