Report Details

The Organizational Essentials Report is a comprehensive examination of your organization’s performance. The report provides a roll up of all of your individual Team Essentials data. First, an organizational team breakout is provided that details the roll up data and data by team for comparisons. The data is next provided by the 7 Key Success Factors of Organizational Performance and then by each factor and its sub-components.

For greater understanding of your organizations performance your results are compared to our overall data base of Team Essentials participants. Next are the Lists of 10. These are your top ten results, bottom 10 results, and the most debatable 10 items in your survey. The most debatable list details the items where there is most disagreement or inconsistency in your organization.

The appendix provides a ranked listing of all assessment items along with their standard deviations. Also included in the appendix is an action planner that walks participants through the process of improving organizational performance.

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