We continue our series explaining the Team Essentials Model

Team Essentials Model

Today’s Topic is Team Output.

The true reason we use teams in the workplace is to get results (Output). On many teams the “big picture” of why the team was formed in the first place becomes burred as day to day work gets in the way. As a Team Leader or team member it is important to take time to step out of day-to-day work and revisit the Output of the team. As one of the seven team essentials Team Output is one of the most important components of the Team Essentials Model.





Team Output looks at how the team is getting their results, as well as providing insight for corrective strategy based on its 5 sub-components. Outputs can be determined both internally by organizational measures and externally, from customer feedback. Now, let’s look at the Five Sub Components of Team Output.

 Sub Components:

  1. Purpose, Mission, and Goals: The more aligned with the work is with the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization the more likely the team will succeed. Goals and expectation need to be clearly defined.

Ask yourself: How well are people grounded in our Mission and Purpose?

  1. Meaningful Work: Team performance excels when the work is meaningful. Team members are more likely to be highly engaged and motivated when they find meaning in their work.

Ask yourself: Do your team members have work to do that they find meaningful? Or are they drowning in minutia?

  1. Identity: Each team has a unique identity that is influenced by the culture, environment, and relationships within a team. Identity can be built and shaped through coaching and training sessions to promote a healthy and strong team.

Ask yourself: How is your team viewed by others? What is your team brand?

 4 . Productivity: Productivity focuses on the quality and speed of the work being produced within a team. For best results, teams should set a clear and obtainable time line for all work, defining expectations for quality at the beginning.

Ask yourself: How productive is your team really? How can you improve productivity?

  1. Results: Results are the end product of a team’s hard work. High quality and high-performance results should be the end goal for all group projects and processes.

Ask yourself: Are we consistently meeting and exceeding our goals and getting expected results?

 For best team performance consider the Five Components of Team Output and adjust your approach accordingly. Our next blog will continue with the 7 Team Essentials discussion featuring an exploration of Team Effectiveness.

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