Next Level Team Development Workshops

Teaming is important to the success of all organizations.  In 20 plus years of consulting organizations we do not know any organization that does not have some utilization of teams. Teams have become the norm and are no longer considered a strategic advantage – they are a must do. And must be done well for successful results. Over their careers Leaders and team members can be involved with hundreds of teams or team projects. Oddly enough most leaders just have a basic understanding of how to manage teams.

Every team or team project is an opportunity to take a team to the next level of performance. Consider the impact if each team project was intentionally and significantly better than the one before – delivering wow results both internally and externally. This is Next Level Team Development. Every team project steps up to the next level from the previous one. This is accomplished through incremental and continuous improvement.

We developed Next Level Team Development Skill Building Workshops to meet the needs for Leaders and team members. Next level Team Development is a process driven approach to managing teams. The workshop provides participants with hands on tools that are applied in real time during the workshop.

Workshop Goals

The ultimate goals are:

  • To have all participants understand how teams form and function
  • Provide a framework that can be used to effectively develop and lead work teams
  • Teach participants to cultivate and support a culture of feedback in their teams
  • To take teaming to the Next Level!

Key Concepts

This program offers the following main learning concepts:

  • How to clearly define team performance expectations
  • An explanation of how teams progress through the Team Development Continuum
  • How to use the Team Essentials Model
  • How to use next Level Team Development Techniques
  • How to create a culture of feedback in your work teams

    Desired Outcomes

    • To have participants learn to lead teams to higher next level performance
    • To provide tools and application time to implement the team performance framework to their teams.

        Course Format

        This half-day or one-day team development course is a combination of mini-learning lessons, activities, and application. Participants will complete a Next Level Team Development Plan to implement with their current or future teams. By design participants will get real work done that can be applied to current and future teams.

            Course Content

            The workshop is based on the Team Essentials Model and the Next Level Team Development Framework, an overview follows.

            The Team Essential model is the foundation of successful teamwork. The Model Consists to 7 Key Success Factors. For the one-day course participants will complete a Team Essentials Assessment prior to attending the workshop. Data will be used in class as a means to help the participant develop a progress plan.

                All teams serve a purpose. Teams have goals, objectives, performance expectations, deliverable’s, and, or results that must be achieved for successful client engagements. For team and client success, these team performance requirements need to be as clearly defined as possible. These become the performance target that a team aims to accomplish. There are three levels of team performance. These are the expected level of performance, high performance, and low performance. As Next Level Leaders and Team members, it is our aim to achieve expected and or high performance results on every team engagement.

                    Team theory and practice suggest that a team will progress through different phases of team development throughout the life span of the team. We call this progression the Team Dynamics Continuum. The role of a next level team leader and team members is to ensure that a team effectively and successfully navigates each phase of the continuum. How a team progresses through each stage influences the next phases and the team’s overall performance. Doing well in one phase positively influences the next phase. Doing poorly in one phase negatively influences the next phase or causes a regression to occur. If a team manages the process well a team will most likely reach or exceed the desired performance level and end up with a high performance result. If the team does not manage the process well the team may not reach the desired performance level or worst yet end up with a low performance result.

                        It is important to think of any team as a system that has inputs, processes and outs. Next Level Team Leadership Techniques apply to these three parts of the system. First we must Start Smart, next we must Execute with Excellence and finally we must Finish with Finesse. Participants learn these tools and techniques that can applied in each phase of the Team Dynamic Continuum and that will assist the team to move towards higher performance.

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