Team Off-Site

Team off-sites, also known as retreats, surges, and jump starts, are a perfect way to get a team more aligned around team performance. Often day-to-day work takes priority over team development. Team Off-sites are the perfect way to get people reconnected and provide intentional time to focus on improving team and work performance.

Off-sites range from 1-3 days based on the needs and availability of the team. They are best held away from the work location. The offsite can include evening sessions and can accommodate fun time-off activities.

We personalize each off-site based on the specific team’s needs. Most off-site designs are rooted in our Next Level Team Development Framework and Team Essentials Model. Curriculum often includes personality assessments like the DISC profile or Myers-Briggs. Our Team Essentials Assessment plays an important role in assessing the current team performance. Experiential activities are included. Our off-sites are a combination of learning, reflection, discussion, and, most importantly, application. Off-sites typically fall into the following categories:

A Strategic Off-site is a perfect way to review where the team or organization has been and to create the desired future for where the organization is headed. Our senior facilitators are experts when it comes to strategic planning. Most strategic off-sites include mission, vision, and values development along with the creation of strategic objectives and goals. Most importantly this off-site gets leaders to refocus on the need to be one team – with the one goal of organizational success.

This off-site is designed for existing teams that want to take their performance to the next level. Current performance is reviewed utilizing the Team Essentials Assessment and action plans are developed to maximize future performance. Greater team cohesion and alignment is a definite outcome.

A Team Jump Start is an incredible way to bring a new team together to build relationships and advance their team performance to levels that would take months to years to achieve back at the workplace. Use this offsite for new teams or when a team has a new leader or changing membership. Expectations are clarified and guidelines to team performance are established.

Unfortunately, not all teams can achieve high team performance. Struggling teams may need to hit the reset button to get back on track. A Reset Off-site does the heavy lifting of getting a team back on track. Our skilled process consultants help clean up existing conflicts, help get clarity around disconnects and issues, and help release relationship tensions among team members. The Team Essentials Assessment is critical as it identifies issues that are below the surface and it brings them to the fore-front so they may be addressed and resolved.

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