About 360º

360° Express is a no nonsense feedback tool. If you have worked with 360° surveys before you then know that most people, when reviewing their results, turn straight to the comments section to read the comments from their teammates.  Our 360° Express feedback tool cuts to the chase and provides three open-ended questions using the STOP, START, and CONTINUE process. Peers and Leaders get the straight feedback they need to hear from each other – quickly and easily. 360° Express can be used as a stand-alone survey or used in conjunction with our Team Essentials Survey.

We offer four different 360° Express options:

Leader 360° Express for Leaders

Leaders need feedback. Our 360° Express assessment survey process provides leaders with comments specifically from their team members. This straight forward 360° Express assessment survey uses a STOP, START, and CONTINUE open ended comments process.

360° Express for Team Check-in

Use the 360° Express for Team Check-in as a midpoint feedback measure when utilizing our Progress Report Package. All team members provide their progress feedback on the goals and plans made.

360° Express for Teams

Use the 360° Express for Teams assessment survey as a stand-alone survey to gain team member’s insights to a team performance. All team members provide their feedback on the overall team’s improvement needs.


360° Express for Individual Contributors

Each team member can offer opened ended comments to every other team member with the STOP, START, and CONTINUE narrative format. Each team member, and only the team member, receives a report of the other team members’ narrative feedback.

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