Your Investment

Think about what it would be like if you could dramatically increase your team’s performance and results. Our Team Assess System provides you a toolbox that will lead you towards this vision. Your survey investment is minimal compared with your potential R.O.I.

The following table provides your survey pricing. Please contact us with any questions or special needs you may have.

Trendy Engagement and Culture Survey companies are charging 10’s of thousands to 100’s of thousands of dollars for their dated propriety surveys that just provide you with pretty statistics without the necessary help to implement needed change interventions.

Due to our forward thinking entrepreneurial spirit, personalized customer experience, and automated process, we can offer our surveys for a much more competitive price while delivering equivalent and/or better data and results.

Uniquely, we promise to provide guidance in creating the change interventions and processes to deliver higher performance and increased employee engagement for your organization. We are far beyond just delivering data – we partner for your success.

Your survey investment will be minimal compared to the well know surveys. Additionally, with successful organizational change interventions your cost will be nothing compared to your potential organizational and team benefits and R.O.I.

To simply estimate your investment, determine the number of teams you need to assess and multiple that number by $250.00.

Look to the far right on the following table to see what is included with the Organizational Essentials survey. Please contact us with any questions or special needs you may have.

Pricing Considerations

Payment is in the form of credit card or PayPal account.

If you are a not-for-profit organization please contact us to discuss special pricing for your great cause.

If you are a researcher and are looking for an assessment to utilize in your studies please contact us to determine how we can support your research.

We offer a quantity discount for organizations that purchase more than 50 surveys at a time.

 Additional fees may apply.

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