Working in Teams is trending again. Teaming is having a resurgence in recent years but teaming now is more focused on measurable performance outcomes – not just teamwork for the sake of teamwork. Below is what leading experts have to say about teaming.

Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Ranked Top Ten Trends include:
#1 Organizational design: The Rise of Teams
#2 Leadership awakened: Generations, teams, science
#8 People analytics: Gaining speed

Gallup (State of America Workforce 2017) writes: In whole or in part, organizations are increasingly moving away from traditional hierarchical models and toward “matrixed” environments in which employees work across multiple teams and with team members who may report to different managers.

Gallup has found that 84% of employees are matrixed to some extent.

And Forbes simply puts it as there #1 2017 Leadership Trend
More “we,” less “me.”

With teaming on the rise, we are excited to focus our writing this year on our Team Essentials model and assessment that specially are focused on measurable team performance analytics.

The Team Essentials model was developed by Dr Tim Buividas and was an outcome of his Doctoral dissertation on team effectiveness. The model has been independently validated and determined to be reliable by iLead of the University of Illinois, Chicago.

The Team Essentials model suggests that team performance is composed of seven different essential components that affect team performance. Effective teams understand and intentionally manage each of these components to drive higher performance results.

The seven team essential components are: Team Type, Team Output, Team Effectiveness, Team Leadership, Individual Contributions, Team Infrastructure, and Organizational Support. The model is depicted below.

Leaders and Team Members can increase team performance by implementing an intentional focus on the 7 Essentials while doing their work.

Future blog posts will focus on each specific Team Essential so over time readers will learn the entire model and have the ability to take action to increase team performance.
The model has been transformed into a survey which is accessible to all at The survey can include a progress report to measure gains in performance.

Our next blog post in this series will focus on how to use the Team Essentials Model with Team Coaching.